Celebration and Wedding Cakes

All cakes are custom made, uniquely personalized to meet the client’s vision. For this reason, it is difficult to offer fixed pricing for cakes. Several factors are taken into consideration to determine pricing; number of servings, design details, intricacy, number of tiers, faux tiers, custom work, and flavours. All cakes will include a beautiful, delicious fondant finishing. Exceptions are only made for rustic or naked buttercream cakes. As a guide, please find below some starting prices for round cakes. Pricing includes moderate design detailing & few sugar flowers. For custom designs, faux tiers and/or other cake size/shape options available, please inquire for more info.
Single Tiers
– 4″ (5 servings): $60
– 6″ (15 servings): $105
– 8″ (30 servings): $200
– 10″ (55 servings): $375
Two Tiers
​- 4″ & 6″ (20-25 servings): $170
– 6″ & 8″ (50-60 servings): $315
– 8″ & 10″ (80-90 servings): $580
Multiple Tiers
– 3 tiers (50-55 servings): 375
– 3 tiers (100-120 servings): $725
– 4 tiers (100-110 servings): $775
– 4 tiers (180-200 servings): $1250
– 5 tiers (180-190 servings): $1300
– 5 tiers (275-300 servings): $2050

Faux Tiers

For clients needing less servings yet wanting a grandeur look, the option of having faux tiers is available. Please keep in mind these tiers are still decorated with fondant and sugar decorations, as would a real cake. Hence, the pricing difference is not significantly lower, and on average amounts to roughly 30% less than the equivalent real cake. Please inquire for exact quotes.


Slab Cakes

Kitchen sheet cakes are available if additional servings are required. Sheet cakes are restricted to one flavour per sheet. Sizes available are:
– 40 servings: $120
– 80 servings: $240
– 120 servings: $350

*Additional charges may apply for added decorative embellishments and/or premium flavours.


Sculpted Cakes

Specialty carved cakes start at $400 with a minimum of 30 servings*. Additional charges may apply depending on complexity of design and servings required. All sculpted cakes will include a fondant finishing due to the nature of the unique cake shape, sorry no exceptions.

*We cannot guarantee exact servings for sculpted cakes due to the unique cake shape; final product may vary slightly in size & specific design details.

For inquiries, please use our contact form. We would be happy to provide a quote!